The Whole Pig
The Whole Pig - Dashwood Ont

Metzger Meats

The Whole Pig

When our animals reach “market weight” we deliver them to Metzger Meat Products in Hensall, Ontario

Gerhard Metzger, owner and operator, has grown this family business into a high quality, unique, top Ontario business. In 2008 they were awarded the Huron Manufacturing Excellence Award as well as Innovative Manufacturing Award. This all started 20 years ago when Gerhard brought his German Butchering expertise to Canada.

Metzger Meat Products has implemented improvements with their recent expansion to ensure Food Safety, Traceability, Productivity and worker ergonomics. The new production facility was built in such a way that there is continuous refrigerated flow from start to finish. Ergonomic design was incorporated throughout to eliminate heavy lifting and handling of the meat by people.

Every step of production is electronically monitored for cooling, cooking and production to eliminate errors and manipulation of records. New measures and equipment were added to enhance effectiveness of sanitation, product testing and food safety. Their business has adapted (GMP) Good Management Practices and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Principals) and is Certified under the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Metzger Meat Products are rated AA.

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