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The Whole Pig - Dashwood Ont

Ground Pork

Ground Pork and Sausages:

Ground Pork is made from trimmings after we have processed our pork cuts. If you would like to process a whole pig into Ground pork we can do that. Contact us for further pricing and further information.

Our Ground Pork is packaged as 1 pounders and made with lean ground meat.

I use ground pork in all recipes that call for ground meat. I find pork meat is a lighter tasting meat and therefore takes on the flavors you want it to with pizzazz. Try Chili with pork and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Bacon Burgers: These are vacuum packed as 4 burgers. They are made from ground pork and ground smoked pork.

Sausage: Gluten Free. All our products are gluten free and excellent for a celiac diet or a wheat sensitive customer.

We offer a variety of approximately 1 lb Vacuum packed Coiled Sausage Varieties: Farmer’s, Garlic, Honey Garlic, Breakfast and Smoke. Again the ingredients are lean ground pork meat, sea salt, spices and Garlic or Honey and Garlic. The Smoked sausages are smoked and packaged in links of four.

Cooking: Like all ground meats both Sausage and Ground pork should be cooked thoroughly

  Calories Protein Total Fat SFA MUFA PUFA
Ground Pork 233 26g 14g 5.5g 6.7g 1.8g

Source: Canadian Nutrient File, 2007b, Health Canada
Per 100 Gram Serving

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