The Whole Pig
The Whole Pig - Dashwood Ont


Bacon is from the Belly Primal Cut.

Bacon is Side Pork cured. Side Pork was a very popular in the past and still in some countries featured as entrees in their restaurants. It can also be found in your can of Pork and Beans

Our bacon is dry cured. The bacon is vacuum packed and frozen after the process is completed to seal in the freshness and taste.

Bacon Calories Protein Total Fat SFA MUFA PUFA
5 Slices 182 10g 16g 5.6g 7.6g 1.9g

Our bacon does not come in a uniform rectangle package, because you are getting it from “the Whole Pig” and pigs are not a perfect rectangle. There are approximately 21 slices in each package.

To cook, fry individual slices to your desired crispness, drain on a paper towel and serve

Crumbled Bacon is great for toppings on Baked Potatoes, Dips, and salads or you can try the Bacon and Beer Cheese Bread recipe. Very fresh and dense. Any leftovers can be brushed with Garlic Butter and Parmasean Cheese and  baked on low for 10 minutes.

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