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We have been farming for 35 years, on the home farm just outside of Dashwood, near Grand Bend, Ontario. We have four children; Jessica, Dean, Philip and Stephanie. Our family has enjoyed....and continue to enjoy pork as our main dietary source of protein and vitamins.  Since pork is such a versatile food with so many cooking options, it continues to be served at most of our family meals and parties.
On our farm we raise pigs and grow corn, soybeans and wheat. For 33 of our 35 years of farming,we were a farrow to finish operation. This means we bred the sows and raised our animals to market weight.  A few years ago we made the decision to become a wean to market operation which means we receive our pigs or weaners at 3 weeks of age and raise them to market weight. 
We work exclusively with Grant and Scott Boys who operate a loose housing, environmentally friendly Sow Farrow to Wean operation. Both our farm and Scott and Grants are CQA® Certified.   Our pigs, from start to finish, are fed high quality balanced diets.
When our animals reach market weight we take them to Metzger Meats in Hensall, Ontario where they are custom processed to our specifications, fast frozen and ready for delivery to your freezer.
Read on about our food safety programs, feeding on our farm and our environmentally sound cropping practices we use to ensure the pork on your plate is the best it can be.
We will be happy to answer any unanswered questions you may have about our farm.   Contact us at:
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