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This option is for the customer who wants  Pork Ham Steaks, Loin Chops, Ribs, Burgers and Sausage.  Great for the year round BBQ enthusiast.

The Whole Pig BBQ-Half

Package # of Pkgs
Pork Ham Steaks-Bone-in-Smoked 6
Pork Loin Chops-2 in Package-Regular 6
Pork Loin Chops-2 in Package-Smoked 5
Tenderloin-Available in 1/2 and whole 1
Ribs-Back Ribs-Available on Bone-less half and whole 1
Ribs-Side Ribs St. Louis Cut 1
Premium Dry Cured Bacon - (approx 1 lb. pkg) 5
Ground Pork, Sausages, and Burgers (choose 12)
Ground Pork 1 lb-lean 2
Sausage-Breakfast-1 lb 2
Sausage-Farmers-1lb 2
Sausage-Garlic-1 lb. 2
Sausage 1 lb-Honey Garlic 2
Sausage-Smoked 1 lb 2
Sauges-Chilly Hot Made with Chili Peppers 1
Burgers-Smok'n Pork (4 to a package) 1
Garlic & Onion Burgers (4 to a package) 1
Pork Hocks - Smoked (great for soups)- optional 1
Cost $300
Approximate Number of serving
Approximate cost of serving

DELIVERY INCLUDED, WITH orders of >$200.00 and within 100 kms----AND WE WILL GO FURTHER, CHARGES WILL APPLY---JUST ASK!!!!

Customized orders for fundraising also available

Payment Options: Cash, e-transfer or Visa, Master Card, American Express with a 2% charge or cheque payable to The Whole Pig!

* You may swap these items for other items marked by *. Please state it in the comment section of the checkout page.
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