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How to Order (and remember WE DELIVER)

  • Look through the order choices below
  • Choose what you want
  • Select submit-We will contact you to confirm your order and to set up a time of delivery

Not sure and would like to talk directly to us.  Send us a message and we will contact you directly to help you determine which order is right for you.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Types of Order:

IHNIWTOO?   This is an order we have put together to give you a taste of a variety of  all our products.The acronymn stands for I Have No Idea What To Order Order

The Boneless Smokeless is similar to IHNIWTOO, no smoked product except the  Bacon...or then it would be called side pork--which we would supply if you like.

BBQ--Lots of steaks, aka boneless chops, ribs, ground pork or sausage or bacon burgers-your choice.The Bone-in Steaks, I know, I just said boneless were steaks, but that is the best to describe it.  One Ham Steak would easily be a meal for four.

Porkerettes-These 100% Pork Porkerettes are very popular.  We have made them available with every order.  Indicate the number and variety in comment section or tell me when we call you back to confirm the order.

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