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Newsletter #2--July, 2010


The Whole Pig                                                     Newsletter- #2           
Hi Everyone: 
Lot’s of exciting happenings over here. We have been attending a number of events giving out samples and receiving steady comments of the great taste and quality. Delivering packages to our customers’ homes, London, Toronto, Guelph, Sarnia and in between. Adding a few new products. Breakfast Sausage with Cumin, Sliced Black Forest Ham,  Hotter Porkerettes  for our customers who wanted hotter you got it—not run to the lake hot, but hotter. And for that candlelight romantic dinner, Boneless Pork Loin chops marinated in Mushroom and Wine sauce. Now you don’t have to wait for that special moment though, it is quick and easy. From freezer to plate in 1 hour.
On the Farm Front: The crops, corn and soybeans, are looking good. We have had some timely rains and the corn was “knee high by the 1st of July”, so that is good. The hot weather, with moisture, was great for our crops to grow—along with the weeds in my garden I may add.   While helpful for our crops, our pigs needed some extra care to keep them cool with the warm temperatures we had for 5 days in a row. When this happens we turn on our sprinklers to keep them cool. As pigs do not sweat the sprinklers and proper ventilation ensure they are kept comfortable and healthy.
Events: Some of the events we have attended over the past couple of months were the South Huron Home Show in Exeter, Hensall Fair, and a stint as a “Street Meat Vendor” on the strip in Grand Bend for the July 1st weekend. It was a great experience chatting with our customers especially after they found out we are pork producers and this is our meat. It was interesting when people tasted our sausage, which is pure lean pork meat, sea salt and pepper, how surprised they were by the great taste and texture.
Congrats to Meghan White, BA Kin, CAT(C), CSCS, CPTN-CPT Certified Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer who successfully competed in the 2010 International Drug Free Athletics, IDFA, Natural Bodybuilding eating Pork as one of her protein sources. See testimonial.
Hog Jog: Great event. $40,000 raised for the Stratford General Hospital Foundation. On a personal note Teresa “Shaved off” 1 minute and 24 seconds off the 5 km run from last year. Real proof that nothing is impossible in life. (meaning 3 years ago 1 km would have done me in.)
Speaker at your Community Groups: We are available to give a presentation at your meeting/group gathering on nutrition, exercise, cooking tips as well as we would bring along samples of our product for your enjoyment. Graeme Thomas and Jessica Van Raay both have achieved their University degrees in Health, Physical Education and Nutrition. Contact us and we will cater the program to your groups needs. Guaranteed you will not be bored.
BBQ or House Party—Our version of the traditional “Tupperware” party with a twist. We supply the pork and information, you supply the BBQ or Kitchen, friends and refreshments. Let’s throw a party!!   
Whole Pig BBQ’s. We have had the opportunity to supply whole pigs to keeners who wanted to BBQ.  This event can be exciting to celebrate with 20 to 30 people or 100 plus and all in-between.   If you are interested let us know. We will supply the pig and connect you with BBQ’s and expertise on how to cook up a whole pig to perfection. We can also connect you with a BBQ’er who will cook up and deliver to your party.
Customers who want to make their own Sausage: We will supply fresh cuts or ground product to help make your family recipe even better. Call us to work out details.
Try before you Buy: We are serving our Famous Pulled Pork, Farmer’s Sausage on a bun, Caesar and Greek Wraps and Salads with Tenderloin. We are located beside the General Store, on the corner of Greenway Road and Highway 21, 8 miles south of Grand Bend just outside the Pinery Provincial Park.
Graeme Thomas has some interesting comments on our Canadian Food Guide.    Check it out .
Jessica Van Raay has been facilitating some great boot camps on the beach and in the parks of London, Lucan, Exeter & Grand Bend  She is also found in her downtown London training studio writing individualized programs and training clients. Call 519-933-1335 or email for details, questions or to register for any of her programs.
Chef Devin has some exciting events happening. One on July 24, 2010. Dine and Vine  event, at the REACH Centre in Clinton (169 Beech Street) An excellent opportunity for you to enjoy wonderful culinary delights as you learn how to appreciate the fine wines of Ontario and pair them with a variety of fine foods from Huron County and beyond.
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