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Newsletter April May, 2010


Hi! And Welcome to The Whole Pig’s first ever NEWSLETTER. This is very exciting for our family as well as all the people who worked with us to get us where we are today. We will provide you with more then healthy, high quality, great tasting pork.  We have learned from our customers it is important to know us, the farmer, producing their food.  In addition It is necessary for Martin and I to understand our ever changing customer.
It has been exciting connecting directly with our customers who we have been delivering to since November, 2009.  The opportunity to share what we do and to answer questions has been enlightening---for both our customer and us.  Because farmers have been decreasing in numbers over the years a lot of consumers haven’t been on a farm, and yet they put food in their bodies, at least 3 times a day…we hope….which was produced from a farm. With this disconnection there is increased misunderstanding of what we do. We welcome the opportunity to bridge that gap.
We also have some awesome people working with us on the website and behind the scenes. Our Nutritionist, Graeme Thomas, Wellness Coach, Jessica Van Raay, who just happens to be our oldest daughter, and Chef, Devon Tabor will help balance your meal plans and your health to enhance the “Whole Pig” experience.
Nutritionist: These “10 Habits” are taken from Graeme Thomas’s, Body Transformation, From Theory to Practice, section of the Nutrition Course he teaches.
Strategies for long-term success
10 Habits of Healthy Eaters
1.       Eat every 2-3 hours
2.       Eat complete protein at every feeding
3.       Eat veggies at every feeding
4.       Earn your starchy carbohydrates
5.       Balance your fat intake
6.       Avoid calorie containing drinks
7.       Focus on whole foods
8.       Eat ‘clean’ 90% of the time
9.       Develop sound food preparation strategies
10.   Enjoy a variety of foods
Wellness Coach: The following is an excerpt from Jes's Client’s Training reference material on Love Your Heart
 “Your heart is a muscle. 
BY FAR, it is your hardest working & most-dedicated muscle.
         It can’t take time off and it doesn’t complain about any overtime we make it do. It continues to pump for us through thick and thin, through less-than-ideal working conditions. It is the pump that delivers oxygen, nutrients, and hormones throughout your body. It sustains your life.
And is one of the most neglected muscles when it comes to training.
That’s not to say that people intend to forget about it. Hell, people log hours away on cardio machines.

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