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Pork Roast and TVR's no fail Gravy

Pork Roast and TVR’s no fail Gravy (or Soup for the next day)—October, 2009


4 lb Pork Roast-Bone in or Boneless (your choice)
2 Tablespoons Clubhouse Italian Seasoning Spice
2 Cloves Garlic (Cut in bite size pieces)
1 Onion (Cut in Bite size pieces)
3 medium potatoes (Washed and cut in quarters)
3 Medium Carrots (peeled and cut in inch size pieces) if you like carrots

Put the Roast in Crock Pot. If it is frozen 8 hours, 7 for Fresh or Thawed (Low Temp). With the pork roast being lean it can dry out if cooked too long. I have also wrapped it in Foil after I’ve spiced it if I’m going to be away longer than the 8 hours.

After Roast is in crock pot sprinkle with Spices, Garlic and Onion. Add Potatoes & Carrots. If you add the carrots you will be able to see it better!!!. Not totally true, however it does add an interesting flavor and color to your “Sauce”.

When your roast is cooked, 70 degrees C.or 160 degrees F—remember, your meat thermometer is your friend—Remove from Crock Pot. (If you have wrapped your roast drain juice into Crock) Pour everything left in the Crock Pot, Garlic, Onion, Potatoes and Carrots and juices into Blender. Blend til smooth (your Gravy is never lumpy and any left over sauce is a really really good and nutritious soup)

Cut up the roast as you desire and drizzle sauce over the meat for presentation purposes.

Serve immediately and ENJOY!!!!


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